11 Ways to say How are you in Turkish
11 Ways to say How are you in Turkish

11 Ways to say How are you in Turkish

Going to Turkey? In order to have your first Turkish conversation you have to know how to say “How are you in Turkish?”

11 Ways to Say How Are You in Turkish?

Here are common Turkish phrases to introduce yourself. Native Turkish speakers will be pleased and these can initiate small talk.

  1. Nasılsın? – This Turkish phrase means How are you? (Informal singular)
  2. Nasılsınız? – How are you? (Formal singular/plural)
  3. Ne haber? – What’s up?
  4. Nasılsınız? İyi misiniz? – How are you? Are you well? (Formal/polite)
  5. İyi misin? – Are you good? (Informal singular)
  6. Ne var ne yok? – What’s going on?
  7. N’aber? – How’s it going? (Informal, colloquial)
  8. Keyifler nasıl? – How’s the mood?
  9. Sağlığın nasıl? – How’s your health?
  10. İşler nasıl? – How is work?
  11. Hayat nasıl? – How’s life?

Common Turkish Greetings

Learning how to greet someone in Turkish is the perfect way to make a great first impression. Here are several greetings that are commonly used in Turkey:

  • Merhaba – Hello
  • Selam – Hi
  • Günaydın – Good morning
  • İyi günler – Good day
  • İyi akşamlar – Good evening
  • İyi geceler – Good night
  • Hoşça kal – Goodbye (when you are leaving)
  • Güle güle – Goodbye (when someone else is leaving)
  • Hoş geldiniz – Welcome (to greet someone)
  • Nasılsın? – How are you? (Informal singular)
  • Nasılsınız? – How are you? (Formal singular/plural)

Unlike English, the Turkish language is not from the Indo-European family and is thus not related to English. Learning Turkish will require dedication and due to the difference in tones you may initially speak Turkish with an accent. But If you know enough Turkish phrases you will be able to eventually indulge in everyday conversation.

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