17 Ways to Say I love you in Thai
17 Ways to Say I love you in Thai

17 Ways to Say I love you in Thai

Thai language and Thai culture are known for their richness. Here are some Thai love phrases that teach you how to say I love you in Thai and more Thai phrases.

How to Say I love you in Thai

Some people pick up the phrase: chan rak ter and think that is all there is to say I love you in Thai. But there is more!

  1. Phom Rak Khun (ผมรักคุณ) – Used by male speaker to say ‘I love you’.
  2. Chan Rak Khun (ฉันรักคุณ) – Used by female speaker to say ‘I love you’.
  3. Kun Pueai Rak (คุณเป็นไร้รัก) – You are lovely.
  4. Khun Mee Rak Muean Faa (คุณมีรักมื้อนฟ้า) – Your love is as vast as the sky.
  5. Rak Thoe (รักเธอ) – Informal and intimate way of saying ‘I love you’.
  6. Khun Mee Saan Suk Samer Khong Cheewit (คุณมีสารสุขสำเร็จของชีวิต) – You are the happiness of my life.
  7. Chan Rak Khun Mak Maai (ฉันรักคุณมากมาย) – I love you so much.
  8. Khun Pen Kon Tee Chan Rak (คุณเป็นคนที่ฉันรัก) – You are the one that I love.
  9. Chun Rak Ter (ฉันรักเธอ) – Another intimate way of saying ‘I love you’, often used in songs or poems.
  10. Rak Jing Jing (รักจริงจัง) – I love you seriously.
  11. Khun Pen Yak Samer Khong Cheewit Khong Chum (คุณเป็นอย่ากสำเร็จของชีวิตของฉัน) – You are the desire of my life.

Informal Thai Love Phrases

In addition to the formal declarations of love, Thai language is rich with colloquial phrases that allow you to express love in a more casual manner. Here are some informal ways to express your feelings:

  1. Te Rak (เต๊ะรัก) – A playful and cheeky way to say ‘I love you’.
  2. Rak Na Jub Jub (รักนะจุ๊บๆ) – ‘Love you, kiss kiss’, a cutesy and affectionate expression.
  3. Kho Rak Khun Na (ข่อรักคุณนะ) – ‘I secretly love you’, usually said in a playful tone.
  4. Yak Hai Khun Pen Fan (อยากให้คุณเป็นแฟน) – ‘I want you to be my girlfriend/boyfriend’.
  5. Chun Kit Teung Khun (ฉันคิดถึงคุณ) – ‘I miss you’, a common phrase for expressing longing.
  6. Rak Khun Laeo Na (รักคุณแล้วนะ) – ‘I’ve fallen in love with you’, often used when confessing one’s feelings for the first time.

If you watch Thai TV you will be exposed to Thai phrases such as this. Of course, if you have a Thai partner you can surprise him or her. This a great way to start to learn Thai.

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