4 Ways to Say Happy Birthday in Farsi
4 Ways to Say Happy Birthday in Farsi

4 Ways to Say Happy Birthday in Farsi

Do you have a lot of Persian friends? I certainly do. Here is how to say happy birthday in Farsi. Now you can give warm wishes to your Persian friends on their birthdays in their language. Here are a few ways to do so:

Happy Birthday in Farsi

  • Tavalodet Mobarak (تولدت مبارک) – The most common way to say “happy birthday” in Farsi.
  • Sale No Mobarak (سال نو مبارک) – Although it means “happy new year,” it is sometimes jokingly used for birthdays.
  • Shad Bashid (شاد باشید) – This means “be happy” and is often used in birthday wishes.
  • Omre Deraz Bebinid (عمر دراز ببینید) – A traditional blessing meaning “may you live a long life,” suitable for birthday occasions.

Tavalodetoon Mobarak

Tavalodet Mobarak (تولدت مبارک) or Tavalodetoon Mobarak is a verbal gem in the Persian language often shared during celebratory moments, especially birthdays. This phrase encapsulates the joy and well-wishes one desires to convey on another’s special day. Literal to its core, it translates directly to “happy birthday,” where “tavalodet” translation is “your birth” and “mobarak” stands for “happy” or “blessed.” This expression is deeply ingrained in Persian culture, symbolizing not only a celebration of age but also an expression of gratitude and hope. Its usage transcends mere formality, embedding itself into the heart of familial and friendly gatherings, making it a quintessential part of birthday celebrations among Persian speakers.

Shady Birthday Wishes

Apart from “Tavalodet Mobarak” being the most common way to say happy birthday in Farsi, there are other ways to convey your well-wishes and blessings on someone’s special day. One such example is “Shad Bashid (شاد باشید),” which loosely translates to “be happy.” This phrase is often used in birthday wishes to express the hope for a joyful and fulfilling year ahead.

Jokingly Used

As mentioned earlier, “Sale No Mobarak (سال نو مبارک),” meaning “happy new year,” is also sometimes jokingly used for birthdays. This phrase is usually reserved for the Iranian New Year celebration called “Nowruz”

Persians are known to celebrate many festivals and are renowned across the world for their ability to sing and be festive. So be open when wishing your Persian friends a happy birthday!

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