25 Ways to Say I Love You in in Farsi
25 Ways to Say I Love You in in Farsi

25 Ways to Say I Love You in in Farsi

Do you have a loved one who is Persian? Here is how to say I love you in Farsi and other Persian phrases you can use to express romantic and feelings. Lets look at the very rich Persian language!

How to Say I love you in Persian

  • Duset Daram (دوست دارم) – This is the most common way to say “I love you” in Persian and can be used in virtually any context, from romantic relationships to expressing affection towards family and friends.
  • Asheghetam (عاشقتم) – A bit more intense, this phrase translates directly to “I am in love with you” and is usually reserved for romantic love.
  • To ra doost daram (تو را دوست دارم) – This is a formal and poetic way to express love, translating to “I love you” with emphasis on the “you”.
  • Man asheghe to hastam (من عاشق تو هستم) – This translates to “I am in love with you,” a heartfelt and profound declaration of love.
  • To baram ghashangi (تو برای من قشنگی) – While not a direct translation of “I love you,” this phrase means “You are beautiful to me,” conveying deep affection and admiration.

More Persian Phrases to express love

  • Eshgham (عشقم) – A tender way to say “My love,” used affectionately between couples.
  • Joonam (جانم) – Literally translating to “My life,” this phrase is a deep expression of love and commitment.
  • Ghalbam (قلبم) – Meaning “My heart,” it’s used to denote someone extremely dear to you.
  • Azizam (عزیزم) – This means “My dear,” and is a common term of endearment in Persian.
  • Nafasam (نفسم) – Translating to “My breath,” it signifies that someone is as essential to you as the air you breathe.
  • Havaye toam (هوای توام) – Meaning “I am air for you,” this phrase expresses how indispensable one is to the other’s existence.
  • To hameye donyaye mani (تو همه دنیای منی) – This means “You are my everything,” denoting that someone is your entire world.

Words to say to a Persian Woman

When complimenting a Persian woman, it’s essential to convey your admiration respectfully and poetically. Here are some phrases that encapsulate beauty, grace, and the depth of your appreciation:

  • Zibaee (زیبایی) – Meaning “Beauty,” it’s a straightforward yet powerful way to compliment her appearance or essence.
  • Fereshteh (فرشته) – Translating to “Angel,” for when her kindness and purity of heart are what captivates you most.
  • Banoo (بانو) – This means “Lady,” a respectful way to acknowledge her elegance and grace.
  • Mehraban (مهربان) – Meaning “Kind,” it highlights her compassion and kind-heartedness.
  • Honarmand (هنرمند) – Translates to “Artistic,” perfect for a woman whose creativity and talent inspire you.
  • Roshanai (روشنایی) – Meaning “Brightness,” for someone who brings light and joy into your life.
  • Gheyrati (غیرتی) – This term is used for someone who is passionate and has a strong sense of honor and dignity.
  • Dalir (دلیر) – Meaning “Brave,” for a woman who faces life with courage and determination.
  • Khanoom-e Ziba (خانوم زیبا) – “Beautiful lady,” a classic and respectful way to admire her beauty.
  • Meshki Cheshm (مشکی چشم) – This literally means “Black-eyed,” often used to compliment someone with captivating dark eyes.
  • Ostad (استاد) – Meaning “Master,” used for someone highly skilled or proficient in a particular area, acknowledging her expertise and excellence.

Persian women are famous for their beauty. They are also known to have a deep respect for any person who will learn the Persian language. However, keep in mind Iran is a conservative country and do not think you are in the culture of the West. You cannot embark on casual dating or just look for a “great time” or hope to find a lover. Instead only use words of affection if you have extremely serious intentions such as marriage. Romantic love in Persian culture is not a light hearted affair! Also do not use such words of endearment for strangers or casual conversation. Iran, again, is a conservative society.

A unique Persian expression is “Golden Liver” (جگر طلا) and it conveys intense feelings. This phrase should give you an idea of the rich poetic character of the Persian language.

Your Persian friends will appreciate your efforts!

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