54 Punjabi Words You Need to Know
54 Punjabi Words You Need to Know

54 Punjabi Words You Need to Know

Punjabi is everywhere. From songs to Indian cuisine you can’t get away from it. It has a reputation for being a hip language and is famous for its music and the vibrant culture. Here is basic Punjabi vocabulary for you:

Basic Punjabi Words

  1. Sat Sri Akaal – Hello
  2. Shukriya – Thank you
  3. Ji – Yes
  4. Nahi – No
  5. Khana – Food
  6. Pani – Water
  7. Namaste – Greeting
  8. Dost – Friend
  9. Kal – Tomorrow
  10. Aaj – Today

Punjabi Words for Family Members

  1. Maa – Mother
  2. Pita – Father
  3. Bhai – Brother
  4. Behan – Sister
  5. Dadi – Grandmother (Father’s side)
  6. Nani – Grandmother (Mother’s side)
  7. Dada – Grandfather (Father’s side)
  8. Nana – Grandfather (Mother’s side)
  9. Chacha – Uncle (Father’s brother)
  10. Mausi – Aunt (Mother’s sister)

Punjabi Words for Introducing Yourself

  1. Mera naam … hai – My name is …
  2. Main … de rehaN haaN – I am from …
  3. Meri umar … saal hai – I am … years old
  4. Mera parivaar … hai – My family is …
  5. Mera pasandida khana … hai – My favorite food is …
  6. Main … da student haaN – I am a student of …
  7. Mera pasandida vishay … hai – My favorite subject is …
  8. Main … vich kaam karda haaN – I work in …
  9. Mera dharm … hai – My religion is …
  10. Main … vich rahnda haaN – I live in …

Punjabi Phrases for Expressing Gratitude

  1. Shukriya – Thank you
  2. Dhanvaad – Thanks
  3. Bahut shukriya – Thank you very much
  4. Tuhada shukriya – Your thanks
  5. Tusi mere madad karke mainu khushi ditti, shukriya – You made me happy by helping, thanks.

Punjabi Phrases for Saying Goodbye

  1. Alvida – Goodbye
  2. Rab rakha – God bless you (used as goodbye)
  3. Fir milange – See you later

Punjabi Words in Pop Culture

  1. Bhangra – A traditional Punjabi dance and music genre that has gained international popularity.
  2. Dhol – Traditional drum
  3. Patiala – A city in Punjab, famous for its ‘Patiala peg’ drink measure and ‘Patiala shahi’ style of turban.
  4. Desi – Means ‘from the homeland’, used widely to describe people, customs, and food from the Indian subcontinent.
  5. Jugaad – A colloquial Punjabi term for a creative or innovative workaround.
  6. Lassi – A popular traditional yogurt-based drink from the Indian Subcontinent.
  7. Tandoor – A cylindrical clay or metal oven used in cooking and baking.
  8. Chak De – A phrase used to motivate or encourage, made famous by the Bollywood film ‘Chak De India’.
  9. Punjabi MC – A British musician of Punjabi descent, who has popularized Punjabi music in the international music scene.
  10. Pind – Refers to a village in Punjabi, commonly used in songs and movies.
  11. Patola – A term widely used in Punjabi songs to refer to a beautiful, attractive, or well-dressed woman. The word originates from the name of a traditional Indian fabric, known for its intricate design and luxurious look, symbolizing the beauty and elegance associated with the word. The literal meaning of Patola is ‘fine silk’.
  12. Balle Balle – A popular Punjabi phrase used to express joy, excitement, or appreciation.
  13. Dhadkan – A Hindi word commonly used in songs and movies, originating from the Punjabi word ‘dhadkna’ meaning heartbeat.
  14. Giddha – A popular folk dance form performed
  15. Geydi, which originates from the word ‘Gidda’, literally geydi meaning a female baby goat. The dance is usually performed by a group of women, expressing joy and celebration.
  16. Langar – A tradition of community kitchen in Sikhism, where free meals are served to everyone regardless of their religion, caste or social status.

About the Punjabi language

The Punjabi language belongs to the Indo-European language family and is a widely spoken language in both India and Pakistan. Punjabi has many regional dialects (some linguists believe the Punjabi language has over 20 dialects.) There is also a difference between the Indian Punjabi and Pakistani Punjabi. Indian Punjabi uses the Gurmukhi script whereas Pakistani Punjabi is written in the Persian script. There are also differences in pronunciation between the Punjabi language of both countries but both are mutually intelligible. Punjabi Indians and Pakistan’s Punjabi population can easily communicate. About 3% of the Indian population speak Punjabi and the majority of Pakistan’s population speaks Punjabi. However in Pakistan Punjabi does not have official status.

Western Punjabi is a phrase used by some to refer to Punjabi spoken by members of the Punjabi diaspora. Western Punjabi is vibrant and widely spoken in the diaspora.

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