Learn 3 Russian Words from a Soviet Poster
Learn 3 Russian Words from a Soviet Poster

Learn 3 Russian Words from a Soviet Poster

Privet! Here is the first of a series of Russian posters to help you learn the Russian language. This will have fairly easy Russian words for you to pick up.

Russia at War: Soviet Propaganda Poster

Russian Words and Phrases in the Poster

One of the easiest ways to improve your Russian vocabulary is to look at propaganda posters.

The caption here reads Krov za Krov, Smert Za Smert. The literal translation means Blood for Blood, Death for Death.

The Russian word for “blood” is “Кров” (pronounce as “krov”).

Кров Krov: Blood

Za: for

Смерть is the Russian word for death.

Смерть Smert: Death

Now you just learned three Russian words with great ease.

The Russian words for blood, for, and death are all fairly short and easy to pronounce.

This is very basic Russian and though there probably will not be a time will you will use propaganda phrases, it is good to learn the phrases and vocabulary.

The historical context of this poster is World War II and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union.

More posters will be posted on this blog to help you learn words and phrases in the Russian language and to also help you learn history. I hope this makes learning Russian fun and easy.

There is no excuse for you to be enjoy learning Russian now!

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