How to say hello in Farsi: 9 Ways
How to say hello in Farsi: 9 Ways

How to say hello in Farsi: 9 Ways

Do you want to know Persian greetings? Here are some basic greetings in the Persian language.

Hello in Persian

To greet someone in Persian, you can use the following phrases:

  • Salam (سلام) – Hello. This is the most common way to say Hello in Persian
  • Dorood (درود) – Hello (formal) This is the formal way to say Hello in Persian.
  • Salamati (سلامتی) – Cheers, often used as a Persian greeting in informal gatherings
  • As-salamu alaykum (السلام علیکم) – Peace be upon you (used among Muslims) and is a central part of Islamic culture. This consists of Arabic words.

Each of these greetings can be used depending on the context and formality of the situation. “Salam” is by far the most common and can be used in almost any setting. Even if you don’t speak Persian each of these Persian greetings can be used with Persian friends or family members. Members of other languages such as Kurdish or anyone familiar with Iranian culture will be able to understand you.

Beyond basic hellos, if you’re looking to further your Persian greeting skills, you might consider the following:

  • Khosh amadid (خوش آمدید) – Welcome. Use this to greet someone upon their arrival.
  • Sobh bekheir (صبح بخیر) – Good morning. A greeting specifically for the morning time.
  • Asr bekheir (عصر بخیر) – Good afternoon. Suitable for use from noon until the evening.
  • Shab bekheir (شب بخیر) – Good night. A way to bid someone a good night, usually when parting ways in the evening.
  • Khoda hafez (خدا حافظ) – Goodbye. Literally translates to “God be your guardian,” used when leaving or ending a conversation.

These greetings add depth to your conversational skills, allowing for more specific and heartfelt communication in Iranian society.

Now you know some basic words in Persian and both formal and informal ways to greet someone. Remember the Persian language is extremely rich. Have a good time on your language learning journey.

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